The Desert Sweepers, Su-Mei Tse

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The Desert Sweepers

This strange and hallucinatory film by Su-Mei Tse depicts a collection of street sweepers brushing the desert sand into piles with plastic brooms. Occasionally the workers stop to take a break and look out over the eternal horizon before continuing with their work, yet the piles of sand never get bigger and their actions never tire, leaving the viewer the only witness to the futility of their task.

Su-Mei Tse
Su-Mei Tse's understated films, paintings and sound installations have been compared to haiku poetry for their elegant and spartan imagery. From her film of road sweepers standing in a vast line across the horizon to the image of a young woman playing a cello amid an alpine landscape, Tse finds the sublime in the poetic and the prosaic. In 2003 she represented Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale and won the Golden Lion award. Since then she has shown in London, Paris and New York.

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